Photo books


As an active photograph critic and historian for over 30 years, unintentionally, Iizawa Kotaro has collected an enormous amount of photograph books. From his huge collection, 5000 of his books are to be shared, on the bookshelves at MEGUTAMA diner.

The books are carefully placed in order from the 19th century to current, in historic order categorized by photographers. It would be our pleasure if you can enjoy and discover the fun of photographs and be interested, and inspired through the beautiful photo books. You can explore the library freely, but please be cautious handling the precious books.

Photography related events are held periodically.
“photo book lectures by Iizawa Kotaro” subject changes every month
“portofolio•review” guests share their own portofolio
“Kotaro Iizawa and guest talks”

The latest event will be on the EVENT page of this website.
(Sorry only in JAPANESE)

『photo book lectures by Iizawa Kotaro』催し報告/写真集を読む(催し)/

『portofolio•review』 category/催し報告/ポートフォリオレビュー/

『spill out/expose all about the photo book/ Iizawa Kotaro and guest talks』

Hope you can enjoy the yumminess of photographs, through this space.
Iizawa Kotaro

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