What is Megutama?

_DSC3121軽い_DSC3013 _DSC3050軽い _DSC3080軽いMEGUTAMA may be a little ship floating in the seven seas of the world.

What we carry on this ship is just the pure drive to eat.

And when there is a sign of good food calling from the horizons, we set sail towards our destination, wherever that may be.

Since our little ship does not pledge allegiance to any country, we can bond with anyone, anywhere.

So just say the password, “Let’s eat good food and rejuvenate our souls!”


With our fresh and safe ingredients, along with our thought-out recipes, we proudly serve Japanese ”OUCHI GOHAN.”

It’s not fancy but it is generous. It is tough.

Western, Japanese, Chinese, ethnic, traditional food as well as creative cuisine.

We’re not chained down to any specific genre, everything is allowed. You’ll never get tired of it, but will still feel a sense of nostalgia as it reminds you of home.


As you eat our Japanese ”OUCHI GOHAN.”, your heart and body will re-energize. And little by little, you will become more tougher, and nicer, like the Japanese ”OUCHI GOHAN.”


The architect of MEGUTAMA is Mr. Murai Tadashi. He used a technique called Aerohouse to create a spacious box shaped building that does not have any pillars.



The interior designer of MEGUTAMA is Mr. Hashimoto Yukio. He is the designer who has contributed to the interior design of The Peninsula Tokyo, as well as many other prestigious projects around the world.



The floor drawing named, “The tree of life”, was painted by Iizawa Kotaro.


And the walls of the diner are lined completely, top to bottom with books. 5000 photo books, provided by photography historian and critic Iizawa Kotaro, for MEGUTAMA customers to browse freely.


Iizawa Kotaro is in charge of the photos, Okado Megumiko is in charge of the delicious food, and Tokitama is in charge of the events.


Iizawa Kotaro



Okado Megumiko






The people around MEGUTAMA



Eat delicious food and enjoy the photo book collection!!


Here are the pictures of the making of MEGUTAMA






Many years ago, this area was known to have tall grass and an abundant source of underground water. During the Edo era, this land belonged to the warlord Makinobizennokami, and here sat “MEGUTAMA”. “MEGUTAMA “is recorded to have arrived to this land in the Edo era, but it is said that it has been sitting on this land far before then. “MEGUTAMA” was shaped as if two somewhat circular, flat rocks were put together, and looked like a pair of breasts or a woman’s bottom. This structure would fit snuggly when someone would hug it, just like wrapping one’s arms around someone. When sitting on this rock, the person sitting on it will feel peacefulness throughout his/her mind and body, along with a strong feeling of hunger. And when the person sitting chants “MEGUTAMA” three times while imagining the food he/she desires, the person will get to eat what he/she wished for. This is the legend written in the ancient documents. However, due to the countless earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, famine and fires that occurred during the Edo era, “MEGUTAMA” had disappeared. Even after the disappearing of this rock, there is still a “MEGUTAMA” shaped mark left on the floor where it once stood.


We were blessed with this opportunity to open up a restaurant at this historical sight. As the foundation for this restaurant was being set, the ancient well nearby “MEGUTAMA “ also revived.


So, while preciously taking care of the mark left behind by “MEGUTAMA”, we will strive to serve as the 21st century MEGUTAMA.
(written and arranged by Tsutsui Tomomi)


photograph by Ina Eiji

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