Sunday Morning with Iizawa Kōtarō: Five Japanese Photo Books That Made History/飯沢耕太郎の写真集を読む44  「英語で語る日本写真集Part1 日本写真集ベスト5?」


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Event in English! Sept. 22

Sunday Morning with Iizawa Kōtarō: Five Japanese Photo Books That Made History

Sept. 22: Sunday Morning with Iizawa Kōtarō: Five Japanese Photo Books That Made History
Join eminent photo-historian and critic Iizawa Kōtarō for his take on five truly remarkable photo books from pre-war and post-war Japan. (He has a collection of approximately 5,000 photo books; you may be surprised by his selections!) Iizawa will do his best to speak in English, assisted as necessary by American journalist Alice Gordenker, who will also moderate and encourage discussion. Members of the audience are most welcome to help out and ask questions. The style of this gathering will be casual, with participants looking together at the photo books as Iizawa pulls related material off the shelves according to the group’s interests.

When: Sunday, Sept. 22, 10:00 to 11:30 am, at photo book cafe & diner Megutama Megutama in Ebisu. (Doors open at 9:45 am)

How much: 2,500 yen (1,500 yen with student I.D.) a cup of Japanese tea will be served free of charge; coffee and other drinks can be ordered off the menu at regular prices.

Optional lunch: You are welcome to stay after the talk to peruse Iizawa’s amazing collection of some 5,000 photo books from around the world. (No additional charge; order off the menu if you wish but purchase is not required) and/or join Iizawa for a healthy Japanese home-style lunch for an additional 1,500 yen. Lunch reservations are not required; you can decide when you are there.

Book now! Reservations are required for the event and can be made in English by email to Places are limited to keep the group small; we will start a wait list once places are full. If you must cancel, please be sure to notify us in advance so someone else can participate.

The Organizers:
Iizawa Kōtarō 飯沢 耕太郎 is a photography critic, historian of photography and magazine editor. Born in Sendai in 1954, Iizawa studied photography at Nihon University, graduating in 1977. He obtained his doctorate at the University of Tsukuba. Iizawa founded the photography magazine Déjà-vu in 1990 and was its editor-in-chief until 1994. He co-edited the 41-volume series Nihon no Shashinka (Photographers of Japan) and has written many dozens of well-regarded books on photography. His extensive collection of photography books is now housed in the Megutama Café where it can be studied and enjoyed by visitors.

Alice Gordenker is an American journalist who has lived in Tokyo for over 20 years. She graduated from Princeton University with a degree in East Asian Studies and has since devoted herself to sharing Japanese art and culture in English through newspapers, magazines, television and events. She has a special interest in making Japanese museums more accessible to foreign visitors, translating exhibition materials and providing gallery tours in English for the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum, the Yamatane Art Museum and the Toguri Museum of Art..

「The Best 5 Japanese Photo Books? 英語で語る日本写真集Part1 日本写真集ベスト5?」





アリス・ゴーデンカー/Alice Gordenker(ジャーナリスト)


    10:00~11:30am 開場9:45am

会費:2500円(三年番茶付き) 学生割引 1500円(三年番茶付き)

場所 写真集食堂めぐたま

* お申し込み




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